Thursday, March 21, 2019
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The Quality Improvement Program is to maintain a cycle of continuous improvement in the quality of care and services delivered to patients. Quality Management activities are directed toward managing and providing improved overall health care and outcome of care.

The Brevard Health Alliance, Inc.'s (BHA) Quality Improvement Program is committed to total quality.  It is a primary objective of BHA that quality is an attitude, an orientation which pervades the entire organization, and the way the organization carries out both its internal and external business.

The Quality Improvement Program serves designed to assess the needs of the organization's patients and providers. The results of this assessment will be used in planning, directing, implementing, and improving processes leading to improved outcomes.

The goal of BHA is to meet the patient "where they are" in a culturally sensitive, linguistically appropriate setting. Critical to this is prioritizing geography of the clinic setting and access to timely services across the spectrum of care. The health care team will develop a comprehensive approach to the individual patient led by the patient's primary care provider actively partnering with that individual patient. The care will encompass all available primary care services in the BHA Medical Home at that patient's specific clinical home, within the extended model of BHA services at alternative sights and community partnerships formal and informal.

Key Performance Indicators were developed to review BHA providers' performance within their various disciplines. For results from the Asthma, Cardiovascular Disease, and Diabetes Review, click on the link below.

2012 Quality Improvement Review

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