Saturday, February 23, 2019
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  • VA Releases Rules For Law That Would Increase Access To Private Care
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  • How Pinterest Jumped Into The Fight Against Health Misinformation
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  • All Children’s Will Keep Federal Funding As Monitoring Continues
    Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital will continue to get federal funding after regulators said Friday that the St. Petersburg hospital made required improvements.

  • Trump Administration Proposes Sweeping Changes To Federal Family Planning Program
    The Trump administration has issued its final draft of a rule that makes sweeping changes to Title X, the federal program that provides birth control and other reproductive health services to millions of low-income Americans. Under the new rule , posted Friday by the federal Department of Health and Human Services Office of Population Affairs, any organization that provides or refers patients for abortions is ineligible for Title X funding to cover STD prevention, cancer screenings and contraception. Federal funding for abortion already is illegal in most cases. The rule, first proposed last year , has been popular with President Trump's socially conservative base. It's expected to be formally published to the Federal Register soon, and would go into effect 60 days later. Anti-abortion-rights activists have long called on lawmakers to " defund Planned Parenthood ." They argue that no organization with any ties to abortion should receive the federal funds. "Abortion is not part of

  • What An Insect Can Teach Us About Adapting To Stress
    NPR / YouTube What if we told you that you could learn a lot about handling adversity from the life of a bug? In their explorations of humans and how we interact with the world around us, the team that makes NPR's Invisibilia stumbled on a surprising fact about the insect world — one that could inspire a new way of looking at ourselves. The epic destruction wrought by swarms of locusts is downright biblical. Exodus tells of a plague that left nothing green in all of Egypt, and we've seen these harbingers of destruction at work in modern day Australia, Argentina and Israel, just to name a few. But for centuries, one essential piece of information about these strange insects eluded scientists: Where do they come from? These massive swarms just seemed to pop up out of nowhere, decimate everything and then vanish. And then finally, in 1921, a scientist named Sir Boris Uvarov made a breakthrough about the source of the swarms. It turned out the horrible locusts were actually common

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